A first novel authored by Tiphaine Siovel, Briseis is a fantasy targeted at teenagers, but not only!  Very entertaining, light but with a deep meaning, and joyfully surrealistic, this first act of a 4 book series opens enough exciting leads for us to want to read the rest as soon as possible. In other words: we want more!

Jérémy Bérnède
Midi Culture

Here is an author who truly stands out from her colleagues.

​No realism, nor self-absorption in the pages. With her first novel, Briseis, Tiphaine Siovel brings a breath of imagination, the sparkle of extravagance too rare in the current production.

At first glance, Briseis presents itself as a rite of passage tale, the one of the difficult passage from teenage years to adulthood. But behind the varnish of the tale unveils a novel that breaks the lines.

Frédéric Rabiller
Le Populaire

This novelist is a master of the art of story telling. The style, elegant, efficient, really strikes a chord. The identification with the heroine happens naturally, as we adopt every single one of her movements.

Isabelle Moreau
Ouest France

The author is a genius where imagination is concerned. A unique, believable world; constant twist after twist; adventure; mystery… In short, everything that makes a good novel!

Caroline Desforges

MINDBLOWING. I wasn’t really ready for it. What a universe!  

Alexia Henricksen

This novel has TOTALLY turned my brain inside out! My biggest crush this year!


A fantastic novel that really goes off the beaten path.

Camille Melo Auteur

The author will not settle for the classic tropes of fantasy… She has accomplished a task of colossal proportions in building such a complex and rich universe.


In the blink of an eye and a whirlwind of madness, everything falls apart and you are immersed in something entirely different... You won’t have time to get bored! 




I am half way through writing in French the prequel to Briseis, called the Woman of the Mist.

In English, the first volume is ready, and I'm waiting for the second volume to be fully translated to release it. It will be out soon...