A fantasy novel in four parts

Briseis, novel by Tiphaine Siovel, cover sketch

Story & History

Briseis is invited to become a student at a prestigious school preparing the Elite secretly governing the world. It is a place hidden in the non-physical Dream World, where all imaginations meet. She embarks on a journey that will send her traveling through time and space, chasing chimeras and discovering the beauty of all kind of cultural beliefs, with six companions coming from different time periods.

The first volume of Briseis was published in France in 2012 by renowned publisher Robert Laffont. Since then, I have been re-writing this first volume, keeping the outline of the story but doubling the size of the book, to give it more depth, excitement and beauty.

The second novel being completed, both are now in the process of getting published as a new series, while I’m getting to work on the 3rd volume!