• Tiphaine Siovel review on Briseis

Le Populaire

Briseis, by Tiphaine Siovel, an ingenious rite of passage tale.

Here is an author who truly stands out from her colleagues.

No realism, nor self-absorption in the pages. With her first novel, Briseis, Tiphaine Siovel, 26, brings a breath of imagination, the sparkle of extravagance too rare in the current production.

At first glance, Briseis presents itself as a rite of passage tale, the one of the difficult passage from teenage years to adulthood. But behind the varnish of the tale unveils a novel that breaks the lines.

A beautiful reflection on life.

A studious young girl, Briseis is wondering about her future when one day she finds herself magically propelled into the Citadel. This is where, for generations, the future elite of the world has been secretly trained. As she receives a very prestigious education, Briseis comes to realize that the Citadel doesn’t raise awareness, but fabricates pawns. The young girl manages to escape, and finds herself in a desert with characters from diverse horizons and time periods. The novel then takes a new turn towards a philosophical tale.

For her first work, Tiphaine Siovel takes us on a skillful and cunning reflection on life.

Frédéric Rabiller

Salon Littéraire

In a Citadel worthy of JK Rowling’s Hogwarts, Tiphaine Siovel takes us into a fantasy world inspired largely by a very diverse mythology. For amateurs of fantasy, it will be an elaborate imaginary world bursting with the most incredible details. Amateurs of historical stories will find it very attractive too, thanks to a great level of realism regarding historical facts, and quite astonishing in its perfect intertwining of different cultures in one single story.

Far from exclusive to a teenage audience, older readers will find in it a true reflection of society, nurtured by a story we have all one day dreamed of, and a clear and limpid writing style. The first volume of 4, for which we cannot help but wait very impatiently!

Marie Quiroga

  • Tiphaine Siovel review on Briseis
  • Tiphaine Siovel review on Briseis

Midi Culture

Briseis, on the other side…

A first novel authored by Tiphaine Siovel, Briseis is a fantasy targeted at teenagers, but not only! Post-modern descendent of Alice and Dorothy, Briseis was teleported by mistake in the Citadel, the secret school of the highest elite of this world. She escapes and joins a company of incongruous antiheroes all snatched away from their respective time periods. Very entertaining, light but with a deep meaning, and joyfully surrealistic, this first act of a 4 book series opens enough exciting leads for us to want to read the rest as soon as possible. In other words: we want more!

Jérémy Bérnède

Ouest France

She’s an ordinary young girl with no particular problems. And then one day, her life is turned upside down. She is secretly teleported in the Citadel, where brilliant minds get ready to form the future political leaders. But Briseis understands that the Citadel manipulates consciences… The rest is to discover in this refreshing and striking first novel by Tiphaine Siovel, a 26 year old actor. This novelist is a master of the art of story telling. The style, elegant, efficient, really strikes a chord. The identification with the heroine happens naturally, as we adopt every single one of her movements.

Isabelle Moreau